Welcome connected courses

Hi everybody,

I have struggled with blogging or not blogging. I have already started around 6 blogs in my life, and no one has survive longer than the crisis that makes me create it. This time is a bit different, since I have decided to don’t create a new Blog for connected courses, but use an old one. I have made private all my old posts, since I loved the name (the url) of this one, but I used it before to get rid of an identity crisis or something like that… some another me was using it, so i decided to keep it to my another me to read it ;)..

So, instead of introducing myself to a new space, i decided to welcome you to my old one.

In this image you can see a composition of my computer open in the connected courses main page, a big glass of ice tea, my phone and the mouse at the edges, with a fuzzy background of shlefs with books

Sunday in a coffee-library… connect or not connect? that’s the dilemma!

I hope we get along with each other nicely and feed this space together, so that we can keep it up alive beyond my (short) expectations..

hope to see you often around. (has I don’t know how to end a post, because I usually write emails or write to myself-posts, then I say by like in an email)…. I’ll let the tag open for the moment…


Vania 🙂

Acerca de Vania

explorando la vida!!!
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3 respuestas a Welcome connected courses

  1. hrheingold dijo:

    Good start, Vania!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Hey Vania – good to see that you are blogging as well 🙂 I’m a fairly new blogger…just saw your #ccourses post pop up in my feed reader.

    I’m working backwards on a few posts of my own for the course…playing catch-up as usual. Hope to hear more of your thoughts about the course as we go along – it’s been a fun experience so far.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. Greg Mcverry dijo:


    Welcome back to blogging. Things like #ccourses can help you get a blog rolling again. You can stop by the community and grab a little knowledge to write about.

    Very interesting post on this idea that since thought runs on electrons and electrons behave differently together; thus we must behave differently when together.

    I actually like the being observed part of blogging (that is if I actually had a reader). It pushes me to try to think, write, and make.

    Me gusta


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