Are we matter?… The Observer Effect!

This video is part of a post a friend of mine shared in Facebook. It is interesting because she is a contemporary dancer, who share a post that use quantum mechanics to explains that our consciousness create reality, and that illustrate what I think research can not ignore when trying to understand an educational phenomenon…. here is the video…


The first that fascinated me while looking at this video, was the idea that we think we are marbles and we actually are when disconnected (it is almost impossible be disconnected, but most of us act like it would be possible), but when connected (or aware of connectedness), we are like waves, we interfere with each other at different points creating a main stream of distributed cognition, with other conceptual artifacts built here and there, occurring in parallel although in minor intensity than the main one, which also create patterns and spots of connected energy.

When continue looking at how electrons behave when observed, i can not avoid to think in a fact that some educational researcher tend to forget or ignore… we introduce perturbations when we observe!  (we behave differently when observed), even when we try to don’t do it, most probably then is when we most do it. We can not simply ‘observe’ the subject as researchers… human are not ‘subjects’ of observation, and today I understood that is because we are made of electrons! and electrons behave as expected when observed but they collate to each other and create wonderful patterns if we don’t attempt to look at the individual behavior  to understand the distributed one… what if we focus on what happen when we just through them to the openness, and rather than trying to observe what happen with each electron, we observe what happen with the net of connected energy created … the participants are the only ones able to inform us about their journey, we can not observe what is happening inside them, but we can observe, and be part of what happens in the aggregated space (connected, distributed, networked, or whatever you want to call it)… and if we really want to understand this universe, we need to understand that they will do the journey in the way they want to do it and not in the way we want them to do…..same analogy for teachers/students/evaluation…

This is just one out of four characteristics of a quantum, which makes very clear that no matter what, matter matters!.. here the complete shared post

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