Trying to get back… to where?

Hi everyone, I am here again trying to #connect with you guys, although I don’t know who are you… it doesn’t really matter now.

I want to share with you my thought right now, and I want to do so, because until now I have been carefully thinking in a blog content, idea, and I realized that this has simply stopped me to write. so, here we go… splashhhhhh… i jump into the cold water.. with a smile 🙂

I came late to the community, so I started late and I was struggling to jump in, someone told me that I shouldn’t care about ‘catching up’ the others, I just should think in deciding what to do. It was reasonable and my rational mind decided to do so…. but my emotional one didn’t care and continue trying to catch up everyone. I have an account in every social network available, which one I use?.. all, no one, all again, no one… and so on.. then I repeated the pattern in #ccourses. Decided to jump in, trying to catch up (opening a blog again, activating my twitter manager again, cleaning the dust of my G+ account, jumping in as much discussion topics I could in the forum, etc)… and finally, i got lost!… I decided to slow down, someone told me that it was actually a topic in the community at the same time when I disappear in my slowing down process… and then I felt disconnected again…


stopping by

I am reflecting on my feelings, emotions, rational reflections, attitudes, motivation and behaviors. I get distracted so easily… and while I am looking carefully at the nice leaves… they are already gone…

At the end it comes to my mind the question: could it be that #ccourses is mean for determine kind of people? or do you need determined skills before you jump into one of this courses?, should it be that you develop those skills on the way?. I should be very organized (which I am during the time when I am, out of this time I am not ;)). But what that exactly means?. be organized doesn’t mean to have an agenda, it means to be able to set the appropriated technology to know who posted what where, when about what; to let other know when you have done something, but have one place where you can easily see where do you want to ‘do’ something (answering, commenting, liking, posting asking…)… there is simply too much going on at the same time!!!… and I am even shame of saying it, I am usually the ‘technological girl’ among my friends, and here I feel like a digital illiterate… fortunately it is a state that is changing on the way 🙂

It is already more than the half of the course and I am now realizing that I should have done that from the very beginning, although I saw the introductory video where technical things and the importance of technical issues was carefully described. Anyways, I feel now that I am starting when everyone else is ending… but I am trying to make it more relax.

I hope you still be there when I arrive to read your post in the forum, I hope I can comment on your blog post, retwitt your fully tagged and encrypted twitter, answer your gorgeous ideas posted in the forum, join you in a hangout session… and I hope finally be able to gather in one place the notifications that arrive to my personal and work email separately, the ones that only stays in the forum, the other ones that goes to my wordpress and the ones that hide themselves at the up right cornet of my G+ page…. I think when I reach that… then I will be ready for #ccourses :)… see you around!

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explorando la vida!!!
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5 respuestas a Trying to get back… to where?

  1. Glad you are here. Never late. Always on time.

    Me gusta

  2. Vania dijo:

    And the, just by ‘casual’ I find this

    maybe this time I was paying attention 😉

    Me gusta

  3. Susan dijo:

    Just jumping in takes courage and self-acceptance and we are glad you did! It’s never “too late” and there’e never “a right time” and we’re all behind anyway. 🙂

    Me gusta


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