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Although i have the feeling I was never able to truly “jump in” into connected courses, and even keeping with me my frustration feeling, I am enrolled in another similar experience called “open networked learning”. it has a different approach but I think the concept rather the same.

Interestingly, instead of making me be more busy and push me completely away of #Ccourses, now it seems that I have really learned something in my inner reflection during my time trying to catch up… now, magically, I have time and patience for both and I am starting to share between both…  the trick?… I decided to take a nice advice: “just concentrate on one thing and go for it, and it doesn’t matter if it changes on the way” … so now I am very interested in technical issues, how I can organize my personal network space where I can save energy that I now spend sometimes thinking in “did I miss something?”, “did I check twitter? or G+? or the posts RSS in my computer?”… now I’ll learn more in deep how to make a better use of technology to get the most of my network and to explore in a more relaxed way my own interests and focus.

I really believe that nowadays technology is not a thing, it is a philosophy of life. Technology is not only not prescriptive, but is at the end whatever we want it to be. What I mean is, the use we make of technology will strongly depend on what we believe technology is there for… and this is not in the manuals or user tutorials.. it is not a functional or conceptual understanding of the technology, it is a deep understanding of ourselves, of what we are expecting to get out of it, of what means for us to share, knowledge building, collaborating… what means for us learning… what means for us educating (others or ourselves).. what means for us collaborating…

I remember that I when I worked in my dissertation, collaborative learning was already a hot topic. Without entering in deeper conceptualizations or even differences of understanding what collaboration and cooperation means (for example), it is very interesting for me, how the development or better say the deployment and evolution of web 2.0 technologies has transformed the term collaboration into sharing… there is difference? what’s the difference between collaborating and sharing?

I think that sharing is giving something valuable for you with the idea of make it better with the contribution of others. It is not ‘showing’ it is sharing.. if I share it, I am not giving it away from me, I am giving it to you without loosing it, in a way I am multiplying what I have and it is modified by others just by taking it, since we all have our own realities and our own interpretation of what we see and get…

Collaboration is… giving something valuable from you as contribution to create something better together with others… which for me is just another way to describe sharing…. we needed just a step forward in collaboration tools, to make us understand what collaboration was…. before web 2.0 we were not able to understand it in deep, because we were not able to materialize it in the practice in such tremendous and explicit way…

Technology is giving us the chance to understand that there is not the student and the individual, it is only the individual seeking to learn something… same with the teacher, we are not teachers and then other things… we are an individual comprised by all our facets and technology allow us to get to know us better… only if we allow ourselves to explore technologies that will inevitably show us different parts of how we are…

I have to work out how to finish a post… because as a teacher told me some time ago, I am expansive and divergent and I have to learn how to converge…. i leave this part to you, my readers… I don’t know who you are or if you even exist, but sharing my thoughts with you have been a good motive to write this post…

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Una respuesta a Role of technology…

  1. kenjoh52 dijo:

    Sharing and collaborating. Exciting discussion! There was/maybe still is shareware but no “collaborativeware”. How come? I think sharing refers more to the product, you share “some-thing”, but you do not collaborate “some thing”. You collaborate around (or on) “some-thing”.
    Your view on technology was fascinating to read. I wish I could say that your view also was mine. But I must confess that to me technology has a more twofold face – a very nice one and a very ugly one.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Me gusta


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